New Love for Pasarbella

What an absolute treat it was to visit Pasarbella, the upscale farmer’s market at Turf City (now called Grandstand), at an off peak hour. So peaceful and serene, I yearn to return. An extreme contrast to my very first visit when it was too crowded and had a too atas (snooty) vibe. Empty of the hipster crowd, it seemed so much more down to earth.

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All the pretty flowers greeting you as you walked in from the heat to the cool of the air-conditioned environment, were such a delight.

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I found Clipper Tea rather light (perhaps I chose the wrong tea), but I adored the Earl Grey biscuits and would come for them again. A Flat White at Dutch colony was affordable at $4.50 but it’s rather strong (on the bitter side) and I needed to add sugar to it. Loved the bright orange mug it came in. But the seats at Clipper Tea were more comfortable.

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It was such a delight for the eyes to go from one pretty store to the next. I felt like I was in a market in Australia so I’d say great effort even though the last time I was griping that even though a Malay word Pasar (meaning market) was used in the name there seemed to be a lack of actual Singapore farm grown products. But I think I was just going with the flow of how everyone was thinking and not using my own mind. I actually like that it’s different from our wet markets. The experience was like traveling to another country for a farmer’s market experience without having to suffer through a flight. It seems increasingly that we can find almost any gourmet food product in Singapore without having to travel too far. And I always welcome beauty and creativity and this place has it in spades. I couldn’t resist snapping away.

Even the loo was so lovely including the nicest looking baby nursing and changing rooms.

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My cousins would appreciate the wines and cheese here, so I snapped away.

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Lot’s of tempting organic stuff for the little ones in the family and yourself as well. I was keen to try the organic shampoos, but didn’t get any this time as I hoped they would come in a smaller bottle. Somehow shampoos don’t work on me after a few uses and leave a residue. I need to keep changing them. And isn’t the playhouse for the little ones so adorable? It’s a pity my nieces are bigger now – they would look so cute in those onesies for infants. It’s so much fun to shop for them. Much much more than for myself.

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The cutest broccoli.

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I adore this shade of bubblegum pink.

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We took the escalator up and got a bit lost but discovered a kiddie play joint.

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Made our way back to Pasarbella through the front again and I took the chance to take more shots from the outside.

pasarbellasamy - 60045 pasarbellasamy - 60046 pasarbellasamy - 60047

All your balloon and party needs can be met here too.

pasarbellasamy - 60068

More of the stores although I was more keen on the boutique ones, not chains like Gastronomia or Salad Stop that I was already familiar with.

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pasarbellasamy - 60038

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