Bedok Mall is Open (my pick of the directory of shops & dining places)

Bedok Mall is open way earlier than expected. I like that it’s connected to the Bedok MRT but other than Wingstop (chicken wing chain from USA that hasn’t crossed my radar) nothing else seemed that exciting.

For food I would head to the Bedok interchange market but if the market is closed for some reason I would want to try out Wingstop.

Next would be Tim Ho Wan if there is no queue or Canton Paradise which is not new but I’ve yet to try it out. I wouldn’t mind Mos Burger or Starbucks for their Christmas offerings (toffee nut latte). Smoothie King, Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen or Ayam Penyat are other options. There is Prata Wala too but I’m suspicious of these sanitized prata places. Nothing beats a good old stuffy coffee shop for prata.

I’m not into Popular bookstore but I’m grateful that’s there’s at least a bookstore even if it’s not my top pick, which is Kinokuniya.

For clothing I guess Uniqlo or Fox kids.

I’ll let the photos I snapped hurriedly illustrate. (so hard to take photos as it was just too crowded to stop for even a moment due to people bumping into you from all directions).

The mall is pretty small. You could fit 7 Bedok Malls into Vivocity, just to give you some perspective. It’s about the size of one of my favourite malls, Liang Court but it does not give the same feeling of spaciousness.













This is the address in case you use a GPS and wanna go by car instead of MRT. Even though I gripe about the sameness of our malls I still like checking out brand new places with hopes there will be something exciting is different:

Bedok Mall
311 New Upper Changi Road
Singapore 467360




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