Weekday Lunch Buffet at Edge (Pan Pacific Hotel)

Family birthday lunch celebration today. We tend to like having leisurely lunches or teas at new places – who doesn’t I guess.

Among all the items in this huge international buffet, I found the North Indian food, satay and chicken floss pizza the most tempting. The laska cannot compare to my favourite claypot laksa but it truly satisfied my craving and was pretty lemak (rich with coconut). The Thai mango salad was pretty good too and truly spicy (if you can’t take spicy go for the sweet pomelo salad). The desserts were similar to what you can find at other hotel buffets and usually by the time you fill up on the food it’s impossible to try all the dessert items. Unsual dessert items included plum ice cream and handmade rum and strawberry chocolate.

The North Indian food I felt was top notch like what you would get at a fine dining restaurant. I especially loved the yoghurt and mango chutney.











The sofa booth seats were nice and cosy with huge soft pillows to lean against. You almost feel like you could sleep there.


The only issue was that our plates were not cleared after the first round and started stacking up. We had to call for them to be cleared. The place was also packed with business type folks in suits who were attending a conference. Kinda spoiled the relaxing ambience because who wants to be reminded of work. Also when they arrived the whole place was so packed that queues were forming at certain stations like the one making laksa and other types of noodle soup.

My photos only show a fraction of what was available. Wish I could have tried them all but I was just too full. There was a sushi station, pasta, dim sum and roasted meats too. Plus cheese, bread and a make your own sandwich station. Oh, yes there was also a nasi lemak station (pick your own ingredients) that looked very tempting.

For your sweet tooth there was a pancake and waffle station too.

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