23rd March 2015

young PM Lee

Lee Kuan Yew and family

Singaporeans won’t forget the day we lost a giant – an immeasurably brilliant leader. Can’t think of Singapore without thinking of Lee Kuan Yew. Even if we didn’t agree with the methods we can’t help, but admire what he has achieved.

But most of all I felt most sentimental thinking about his son and his personal loss. Looking at photos of the wake and everyone on social media imploring our PM to be strong, perhaps it’s audacious of me,  but I can’t help but wish he could have some time to himself for his private grief as well as some time to rest.

It must be exhausting – both mentally and physically. For any of us who have been through the loss of a close loved one we know how draining it can be. And how hard to recover. Some of us never do.

Everyone is someone’s little boy or girl and the loss of a parent is the greatest loss which you learn to cope with in time, but never get over. No matter how old you may be. And especially if you were very close. A wise person told me this and it’s true.

From my own personal loss I don’t think it’s helpful to hear “Be strong”.  I appreciate those who sincerely tell me they are sorry and it was most comforting to hear good things and happy memories about my loved one.

An implication to be strong somehow connotes that you have to be brave and hold in your grief. I don’t think it’s a comforting thing to hear when you’re at your most vulnerable. My opinion is that they are entitled to fully feel their grief and no one should put a halt to that.

Here are some old photos of Lee Kuan Yew and family I blogged about in 2010.

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