June School Holidays: Dinosaurs Everywhere

I went to two malls and at both places saw Dinosaur exhibits.  First at One KM which has an adventure component which looked kinda scary to me – walking a rope with a safety harness far off the ground. And later at Plaza Singapura. What was impressive there was the massive scale of the replica Dinosaur Bones.

Yup it must be the June school holidays.  Not too fun to experience the crowds this month but I guess these exhibits will be fun for the kids.

The event at Plaza Singapura is called Dinosaurize Me and that’s open till 14 June.  I would choose this one as it involves less cost and the massive size of the exhibit is rather impressive even for adults.

IMG_9932 IMG_9933 IMG_9931 IMG_9910 IMG_9912 IMG_9911

The event at One KM is called Dinosaur Adventures and I guess you can still catch it as it’s open till 18 June. Only thing is there is a catch – the mall is getting you to spend money for an adventure pass. I guess the cheap way is to just watch or take selfies with the dinosaurs as a backdrop?  It’s rather cool and funny that the fake dinosaurs roar and move.  There are lights too. Wonder if little kids might be scared as they tend to be scared of thunder.

IMG_9847 IMG_9846

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