I’m blessed with the best little angels and always want to take the time to record my deep gratitude. If one day they ever read this, I want them to know how much they mean to me.

Actually at every stage of my life there have been children. Not my own, but I love them more than they know. It’s the best part about having a big extended family.

They all grow up in a flash, so I’m trying to be more present and just appreciate their child selves before teenhood comes and they don’t wanna hang out with some boring old aunty anymore, especially considering the huge generation gap.

I just wish I could be more entertaining. Even I, find myself, quite boring. I’m better at entertaining you if you’re a preschooler or younger I think. I also find myself getting to be super overprotective and repetitive. Yikes. Am I a nag?

At the preschool age they are into pretend play and I had so much fun with that, including their grandparents and aunties. We played out various scenarios like airplane scenes, restaurant scenes and so forth. At that age they are not self conscious at all so it’s pretty magical and just cuteness overload.

I try to stay in touch with the tweens (I was one myself at some point, but in an era without electronics – it was more like TV ruled then) and I do like some of what they like.

I can’t fathom the complexity of Minecraft (the speeds at which they play makes my head spin and at the same time I’m very impressed), but I do find LOL dolls adorable. at least you don’t have to be that computer savvy for the latter. I’ve always had an appreciation for dolls as a kid, and collectible dolls in adulthood.

I never imagined I would find LOL dolls to be more attractive than Barbie dolls, but now I do and it’s because of the better representation and diversity. The surprise element of unboxing and the colour change when some of them are soaked in water, is very enticing too. Even to me, as an adult.

I realise there is quite a resemblance to Betty Boop dolls with the huge eyes from the 1930’s.

Something else they love is slime. In my time we only had green kinda smelly slime. They now come in various shades and scents. Texture wise I prefer soft dough. It’s much more satisfying in terms of the sensory comfort factor. Guess I don’t like things too sticky.

So thanks a guzillion to all the kiddos who help me destress and relive my childhood. Without you I don’t think I would have had the intense drive and motivation to heal from that bout of cancer.

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