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Beautiful Articulate Bobbi Kristina in an interview with Oprah

I felt so moved by this interview that Oprah had with Bobbi Kristina about the loss of her mum Whitney Houston.  It’s pretty hard to watch, but I am blown away by how articulate and strong she is. Lights flickering, … Continue reading

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Stop Aging: No More Botox?

A Russian scientist has claimed to have found the fountain of youth and it might be available in the form of a pill in a couple of years. He even cured his own cataracts with his eye drop formulation. To … Continue reading

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Failed Predictions: They Couldn’t Fathom The Future

When I was younger I could never imagine that one day there would be TiVo or the iPod. Similarly people in the past found it hard to imagine what would be possible in the future. I found this list of … Continue reading

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