Pretty Breakfast Nook And Wish Wall

I love the breakfast nook created in this small space.  Being slightly OCD, I immediately thought of chalk dust in the food, but another free spirit part of me loves the giant chalkboard the couple endearingly call their wish wall.  When I first looked at this space, the vermillion lamp caught my eye.  I think I am particularly attracted by tiny accents of colour in a white space.  The pictures are all from Ikea Live, a site I love browsing.

The couple behind the fresh ideas are Prime and Luis from Berlin. Prime tells the story behind their space:

I like having the time to let things grow When I moved here with my girlfriend Luise I only had a rail of clothes and a chair. We let the space dictate what we needed rather than rushing to furnish it. The home I had before this was white and minimal – I wanted it to be perfect. I don’t feel that pressure anymore.

I love how the city can see into our home I was a baby when I moved to Berlin from Laos. I have come to understand the city by learning its history and I love that everything here is a big melting pot of ideas. By having no curtains I invite those possibilities inside.

Your environment can help you improve your life I like to be able to see the things that inspire me. My books are placed so you can see the covers, my kitchen has open shelves, I have lights and lamps everywhere and in the bedroom I have a wish wall filled with images of things Luise and I hope for.

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4 Responses to Pretty Breakfast Nook And Wish Wall

  1. jazziefizzle says:

    oooo I love this space and the idea of a wish wall!!! thanks for the recommendation on the moustache post – it is so cute and such a sweet blog! I forwarded to my boyfriend to check out the ‘tache’s’

  2. thinkpinktoo says:

    Love the chalkboard idea… its so much more retro then a whiteboard. Also love what they did with that tiny corner.

  3. bookjunkie says:

    I guess you’re right…..a whiteboard would be a bit modern 🙂 The chalkboard gives the place the feel of a cafe.

    Reminds me of primary school when there was dust all over the classroom though.

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