The Noose Spoofs Ris Low

It’s great that channel 5 has put up an exclusive preview on youtube. I say, Michelle Chong just gets better and better.


For anyone out there who doesn’t know who Ris Low is. She was our scandal ridden Ms Singapore Universe who had her crown taken away due to her misuse of other people’s credit cards, to put it mildly. Her manner of speaking was widely made fun of, but at least the girl is good humored and knows how to laugh at herself. I also felt she was prettier than most other candidates who have been fielded for Miss Universe Singapore.


You can see how Michelle’s version is pretty spot on.

And here’s Mr Singapore World, Hanxiong Hu, the male version of Ris Low who can’t pronounce hello or years.  The pronunciation will make you cringe, but at the same time you will feel sorry for him because the poor chap looks super nervous.  Watch the video at Stomp.

Update: If you’re interested, Here’s Ris Low commenting on the World Cup 2010.  Find out who she is “a huge fan” of.

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