Culture Shock: Singapore Expat Bloggers Give Great Insights

I love reading blogs by expatriates in Singapore. They give me new insights and perspectives.  They also scoop out interesting tidbits I have overlooked.

All of the guidebooks and expat guides to moving to Singapore mention a particular local custom. You “chop” (reserve) a seat at a food court or a restaurant (like the one at IKEA) by putting down a package of tissues/ umbrella/ bag/ etc. But last night I saw the most unusual “chop” I’ve seen yet–a cell phone. My first instinct was that the person had forgotten it, but no…a few minutes later the owner appeared with his tray, sat down, and pro … Read More

via Expat Bostonians

Real World? Meh. This morning I had a bit of a shock when I was reading through the newspapers – a man was murdered in Singapore.   I wasn’t so much shocked by the actual murder (though murder is understandably quite shocking), or even by the graphic pictures that the story shows, I was more shocked that I was shocked at all!  (are you still with me?) It seems like years ago that I would turn on the television in the morning before heading to work, listening numb … Read More

via Suddenly in Asia

Go with the Ebb spotted a sign about the army and mosquitoes which I have never seen before.  She also spotted these cool walking clams.

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4 Responses to Culture Shock: Singapore Expat Bloggers Give Great Insights

  1. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the name check, hon!

  2. joha5 says:

    I used to learn so much about London by reading other expat’s experiences. It just makes you look at your own culture is such a new and different way. Thanks for sharing!

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