Babytard is on the new James Blunt CD ‘Some Kind of Trouble’

Update -24 April 2011: The historic meeting of Babytard and James Blunt. The one we have all been waiting for. Blogged about it here.

Update – 8 February 2011:

I dare you to watch this video and still have dry eyes. It’s so sweet to watch a father who loves his daughter that much and is not afraid to show it.  Shaytard misses his daughter babytard when he sees her (James Blunt cover) on the Jay Leno show.


This one is utterly precious as Princesstard shows off her sister.  I love how fearless Princesstard is and she is totally a rockstar.  I hope she gets a cover of her own soon. She definitely should have her own channel.


Update – 20th January 2010:

Here’s a video of James Blunt himself explaining how the cover came to be. It makes me so happy that the Shaytards have been mentioned in this as I feel that more people should watch their very positive family videos.  You can check out their official twitter page and theirtwitter page set up by a fan.


The Album is finally out in the US and the baby is not baby Todd, it’s babytard. She’s a little girl. The reporter has obviously never watched a Shaytard video. Sorry, I just felt compelled to point this out, being a fan of both the Shaytards and James Blunt. The album is great by the way, and I bought it even though I’m broke, because Babytard was on the cover. One thing the interviewer got right is the optimism of the Shaytard family. It’s still exciting to hear the Shaytards being mentioned by James Blunt, and here’s an excerpt from the recent interview at The Examiner:

“No, the child isn’t mine,” says Blunt, who lives the rave-party lifestyle at his home on Ibiza, and every skier’s dream at his other residence, an alpine Swiss chalet. “You can find the child online — it’s a family called the Shaytards who have a big online following, that’s baby Todd, and the picture was taken on an iPhone. But the cover for me really captures that sense of innocence and freedom that I felt from the album. I feel really free in my music now — I can make my own decisions and set my own path. And I’m lucky enough to have that freedom, especially with the way things are going in the music business around the world.”

In the latest Shaycarl video, Princesstard says she wants to marry James Blunt and Babytard then says she wants to as well. It’s just too cute. The cuteness happens at around 13.00.

What I blogged about earlier on 9th September 2010:

In case you haven’t heard of the Shaytards and Babytard yet: Introduction to the Shaytards – the vlogging family. Basically it’s home videos placed on Youtube that became an internet sensation. The father is charismatic and the four kids are so cute. He throws the kids around a lot, but no worries they absolutely love it. Here’s a very recent and super cute video of Babytard’s 3rd birthday.

Anyway this post is about how Babytard’s even more famous now. Here’s the story:

B was just telling me that CD sales all over has been suffering with digital downloads, so I think James Blunt hit on a brilliant concept. He’s using the picture of babytard (daughter of Shaycarl a Youtube Vlogger, for people who don’t know) on his new CD – ‘Some Kind of Trouble’. I have seen fans of the Shaycarl family write that if babytard is on the cover they will buy the CD. Anyway you can see the cover here at James Blunt’s website. The hands on the album belong to ShayCarl and he is throwing his baby girl in the air. This is an old photo and Babytard is even cuter now – if that’s even possible! It’s pretty amazing that a little toddler can have so many fans. I think it’s because she has the cutest smile, she smiles all the time and is so precious when she’s feeling shy on camera. I wonder what she will think about all this when she’s grown up.

With James Blunt’s great sound and the cutest ever cover I am sure this record will hit platinum. Shay is excited about this and just vlogged about the Nirvana-esque cover and that he didn’t believe it at first. Basically James Blunt bought over the rights for the photo. I am really curious about how much he paid.

{Image: I wish I had a Mango tree}

This is a more recent picture of the cutie.

{Image: Zapplegate}

And a fan on YouTube, Frostie09, did an amazing compilation of all the cutest babytard clips. You have to watch it. It’ll make your heart melt and ovaries sigh.


But my favourite is middle child, beautiful spunky Princesstard who’s not afraid to try out any stunt and she wants to be a police-officer. See her cutest moment at 7minutes into this video. It’s so cute how she can’t pronounce yesterday yet and says nesterday instead. It’s impossible not to fall in love with her princessness. She is such a beautiful girl and could be a child Gap model, don’t you think?


I hope the other kids, beautiful Princesstard, sweet Sontard and cutie pie baby Rocktard get their own covers too. This is probably the cutest family you’ll meet on YouTube and I can’t gush about them enough.

Check out all my Shaytard posts.  Yes, I am pretty much obsessed with this funny lovable family.

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21 Responses to Babytard is on the new James Blunt CD ‘Some Kind of Trouble’

  1. jazziefizzle says:

    Yes it is quite difficult to avoid milk, and I haven’t cut it out all together but have cut back probably by about 90%. I have been having rice milk with my muesli (that you can buy from the supermarket in Australia) and making almond milk when I have the time. Yes you should try it, I might do a tutorial as there seems to be a few people that want to learn.

  2. kierstens says:

    Adorable CD cover, but for the life of me I can’t figure out: Who is Shaytards???

  3. bookjunkie says:

    I am also late discoverer of the Shaytards but they grew on me – especially the kids – they are 4 cute ones very close in age and all under 6.

    Introduction to the Shaytards – the vlogging family.

    • kierstens says:

      Also – I love that all my questions about your blog can be answered by referencing other posts on your blog. Hahaha you’re anticipation is brilliant!! Best Singaporean culture reference site/blog yet! When my friends have questions about quotidian Singaporean things I always tell them to visit TinyIsland 😉

  4. breadstickez says:

    Sontard is soon to be 7, Princesstard is 5, Babytard is 3, and Rocktard is 4months.

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  14. kate says:

    i heard about the shaytards and i had no idea what they were hah thank you for clarifying. but i didnt really understand what their connection was with james blunt? i mean i know he put them on his cd but do they mention him during their videos or something? i would watch one to figure it out but my internet sucks i cant load any videos right now

    • bookjunkie says:

      He was actually looking for a baby being thrown in the air to be put on the cover of this CD and babytard was found through the internet. Babytard is the third child of the shaytards and I think she’s almost 4 now.

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