Grandma’s at Nex: Coconut Rich Curry Chicken

The best dishes at Singapore chain restaurant Grandma’s (chef formerly from KL’s Madam Kwan in Malaysia) is the coconut rich curry chicken and the tasty assam prawn that is cooked in the most wonderful onion sambal. This is eaten with steamed rice. It’s a pity they don’t serve bread at this restaurant as chicken curry is just divine when you dunk bread in it, but I guess that’s when the chicken curry gravy is not this thick. I usually go more for the curry rather than the meat, but here the chicken is so moist and well prepared it just falls off the bone. This is my family’s top pick for a meal. There’s free flow of iced water, but if you easily get cold you must bring a shawl as their restaurants tend to be super cold with the air-conditioning turned down really low. You could request for warm water though. I liked that Nex has booth seats. I always like booth seats because it feels cosier to sit in a nook. The desserts here are so good too, especially the sago with gula melaka. Maybe I’ll have a photo next time, because the curry left us so full and we couldn’t have any more coconut based food.

The tagline of this place is – it’s so local. And this place really lives up to it’s tagline. My only quibble is the portion size of the assam prawns looks much reduced. It’s now like just a third the portion of what they used to serve. I guess it’s a way of cutting cost without reducing the price, but people do notice. Anyway, a good option for real authentic Singapore and Malaysian cuisine in a nice air-conditioned place.

photo by bookjunkie


photo by bookjunkie


photo by bookjunkie


photo by bookjunkie

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  2. btlau says:

    looking at the curry chicken makes me have cravings for butter chicken

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