Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery

I just loved the green pumpkin lampshade at this new Japanese Bakery at Nex. I find the little green lampshades so pretty as well. On the official website the tagline is “What colour is a pumpkin? – Green in Japan.” Their sales pitch is that no preservatives or additives are used in the baked goods.

photo by bookjunkie

The classic green tea bun with pumpkin filling was sweet and yummy.

photo by bookjunkie

The decor is very Japanese and somehow when the presentation is nice the food tastes even better.

photo by bookjunkie

Just be careful when you’re here. There’s a bakery as well as a cafe which is a few steps away.  You are not allowed to bring in any bread from the bakery if you chose to have a drink at the cafe and have already bought your buns. They explained that they have some buns at the Green Pumpkin Bakery Cafe too. I guess you probably have to pay taxes at the Cafe and not for takeaway items at the bakery. That’s probably the rationale, but it still sucks as to me.   But it’s the same company – I whine on the inside.  Well next time I still hope to try out the Cafe.  Won’t ride it off yet. If you try it out before I do, I would love to read your review.

Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery is Located at Basement 1, within Shokutsu10 at Nex Serangoon Mall.

23 Serangoon Central
#B1-80 nex
Singapore 556083
Tel: 66347437

23 Serangoon Central
#B1-K1 nex
Singapore 556083
Tel: 66347990

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