Java Detour (The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands)

This is our second visit to Java Detour, because once again the Coffee Bean Bistro by the fountain was super crowded. And this is a nice place to chat, away from the maddening crowd that just lingers mostly around that fountain.

Found the chicken pie a bit too greasy, but that was probably due to the re-heating.

photo by bookjunkie

We found both the matcha latte and the cafe latte too dilute compared to what you get at Starbucks. And I find the Starbucks Latte too dilute, so that is saying quite a bit.

photo by bookjunkie

The coffee art was a nice touch though. I wonder why Starbucks doesn’t do coffee art. I guess they are rushed for time.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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2 Responses to Java Detour (The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands)

  1. 365days2play says:

    I was at MBS last week and I saw a new cafe with lots of macarons…

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