Oriole Cafe & Bar – think I ordered the wrong coffee

There are so many boutique cafes popping up all over Singapore and being a coffee addict I’ve been out in search for the best. After hearing so many raves about this place, I was a little disappointed when the coffee turned out to be not as good as what I had at The Society Cafe, Shots or Papa Palheta. Wish it could have been a tad stronger. I almost feel there’s something wrong with my taste buds for not instantly loving this cup of coffee. That’s how much the coffee has been lauded. Maybe I just got the one off-experience? Please let me know what your thoughts are if you’ve tried the coffee as I really want to be honest and not biased.

In terms of vibe – down to earth/relaxed/casual on one end, and pretentious/too cool:

1. The Society Cafe (I feel most comfortable here)
2. Oriole Cafe (the service was warm and unpretentious – nice)
3. Shots (felt too old and uncool)
4. Papa Palheta ties with P.S. Cafe (felt out of place)

I must add that I couldn’t fault the service – it was excellent and welcoming. I adored the ambience, especially the decor and the warm lighting.

photo by bookjunkie

Gorgeous coffee art on my Cafe Latte (S$5.50). Perhaps I should have got a double shot of espresso?

photo by bookjunkie

Fish and Chips. Pretty good but I am sad to say I can’t justify the price. Perhaps if it was beer battered – maybe.

photo by bookjunkie

B enjoyed the pasta (tagliatelle) with beef cheeks – especially the beef. Although the portion did look kinda small to me.

photo by bookjunkie

The lighting made all the difference.

photo by bookjunkie

Thought the mosaic and marble counter was lovely.

photo by bookjunkie

The pies looked good.

photo by bookjunkie

Was wondering about Oriole Cafe and then realized I’ve probably passed by many times before. It’s actually just beside 313 Somerset.

photo by bookjunkie

The parking charges at 313 Somerset.

photo by bookjunkie

Here are some alternative reviews by 365Days2Play and TwKeats.

Looks like I should have gone for the Piccolo Latte instead – shucks. This review totally confirms that I should have as well, with my desire for a stronger espresso base with less milk.

Oriole Cafe and Bar
96 Somerset Road
#01-01 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites
Tel: +65 6238 8348

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  1. It looks very chic! Shame the coffee didn’t live up to your expectations.

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