Downton Abbey & Memories

I’ve been hooked by the magic of Downton Abbey. The characters feel so real to me and I think about them even after the show is over. I feel concern for them. Is that silly or what? I’m the same way with strong compelling characters in books.

But somehow, seeing the actors out of costume spoils it. I would like to think they are all living somewhere in that castle-like mansion in England.

The characters are so well fleshed out as well. Some evil characters which I declared I hated, surprised me. I ended up having a soft spot for them as well. It’s always explained – why they do what they do. Their own torment and conscience. And no one is all that bad anyway. Although the actions of some characters truly disappointed me as I previously held them in high esteem.

Other TV Dramas that have had me hooked:

1. The Tudors
2. Mad Men
3. Brideshead Revisited (watched this with my Dad a long time ago, when I was a kid)

I definitely have this inclination towards period dramas. Sometimes when I watch new shows I think my father would love them as well. He is no longer here but we definitely shared the same taste when it comes to TV and Books. I will always cherish the moments we spent together either reading side by side on our recliners, or in front of the TV. Cosy memories of time spent with my dad. Asian fathers are conservative. Or perhaps it was just the norm for those times. No ‘I love you’s’ out loud or even hugs. But the devotion was undeniable.

And memories can sustain us.

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2 Responses to Downton Abbey & Memories

  1. I get very attached to characters too, in books and in TV shows and in films. That’s why I’m a total sucker for character-driven pieces. Recently I saw the film Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and loved the characters. There was another one that I really loved the characters to, only now I can’t seem to recall what it is (and now it’s going to drive me nuts).

    Julian Fellowes, who is behind Downton Abbey, also wrote a four-part miniseries of Titanic which is pretty good.

    Another TV show that had characters I could really really relate to was Love Soup – it’s a British comedy drama that is very under-rated!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks for the recommendations Kirsten 🙂 I really liked Seeking a Friend for the End of the World..a very sweet movie indeed. One of those that makes you think, long after.

      Oh yes I also loved all the old British TV shows like Pride and Prejudice. Love the costumes, the scenary…everything. Wish I could be transported to that time, although I wouldn’t want to be a repressed woman with no rights 😉

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