Ramen Keisuke Tori King at 100 AM: Another Satisfying Chicken Ramen Meal

Discovered a new mall, 100 AM which I’ll blog about soon, as well as another chicken Ramen place that satisfies us immensely. My only issue is that it was a bit salty. Between this and the one at Plaza Singapura’s new wing, I prefer the latter. But now I much prefer this to Murutama (still has the best eggs) which used to be my favourite till I got all these new options. Also I prefer the noodle quality here (but then I opted for hard noodles – options to check off on a little order sheet). I think it’s all about personal preference. B really liked the stronger broth here, but didn’t enjoy queuing up and having to jostle with the office crowd. But the Japanese food scene in Singapore, sure is exciting. More and more authentic meals for us to enjoy.

100amzoo - 53748

100amzoo - 53747

100amzoo - 53745

100amzoo - 53743

100amzoo - 53742

100amzoo - 53741

100amzoo - 53739

100amzoo - 53738

100amzoo - 53737

100amzoo - 53736

100amzoo - 53734

100amzoo - 53733

100amzoo - 53731

100amzoo - 53730

100amzoo - 53729

100amzoo - 53728

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