What to Eat at Maxwell Road Hawker Centre?

Everyone seems to go for the Tian Tian chicken rice and this time there was a huge queue at our usual curry rice stall. So what to eat was the conundrum. In Singapore we have the enviable ‘problem’ of so many good options to choose from, we can’t decide. When it comes to food variety, we’re spoilt rotten.

What I want to say first is that the elderly uncle selling hand-made Ang Ku Kueh at Maxwell Road Hawker centre is so sweet. You can see that he’s working really hard too. It was my first time buying from him. He’s a very warm and friendly man and you’ll think that too if you visit his stall. I sure do want him to succeed and get more business. He sells a huge variety and I like the pale yellow one with the salty yellow bean paste filling best of all. Look out for Ri Xin Snack Delights.

maxwell2013 - 54225

maxwell2013 - 54223

Actually I find most of the people at Maxwell Road hawker centre very polite, like the young man at the Tea stall called SMH. Awesome teh alia.

maxwell2013 - 54224

Also the friendly lady at the goreng pisang stall called Lim Kee (Orchard) Banana Fritters. I had the chempadek this time.

maxwell2013 - 54222

maxwell2013 - 54221

I think this Ngor Hiang stall at 01-97, is famous. Quite a long queue. Another first for us and the sauce, bee hoon and fish cake fritters were very tasty.

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maxwell2013 - 54219

This hawker centre is always filled with tourists armed with huge DSLRs. And another feature is that it’s pretty hard to get a seat during the weekend.

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