A Day at 100AM Mall: Dragons, Lions, Hong Kong Style Pastries

My second time at 100AM mall.

As you can see, I was pretty enthralled by the Imperial Dragon Bakery Cafe logo. It reminds me of the traditional depiction you see in Chinese paper cuttings. I know it’s excessive – more than one photo, but it’s just my journal and I hope I can be excessive without annoying anyone too much.

This Cafe that specializes in Cantonese style pastries, had egg tarts in the counter that were calling out to me. Alas – just too full by then.

I noticed 2 new restaurants – a Korean one called JeJu and a French Cafe that is still under renovation. I hope it’s a new cafe and not just one of the chains.

Had Tori King chicken ramen again  but the broth this time was too salty. I always finish every drop of the broth but this time I just couldn’t. Perhaps it was because we opted for a strong version of the broth (you can choose between light, normal and strong).  But the noodles were lovely and the chicken very well done. I was attracted by the Japanese lions at the counter and thought they were very attractive.  Love that they are wearing Japanese style thongs and socks on their feet – cute huh?

100amimperialtreasure - 55735

100amimperialtreasure - 55734

100amimperialtreasure - 55733

100amimperialtreasure - 55732

100amimperialtreasure - 55730

100amimperialtreasure - 55729

100amimperialtreasure - 55728

100amimperialtreasure - 55727

100amimperialtreasure - 55726

100amimperialtreasure - 55725

100amimperialtreasure - 55724

100amimperialtreasure - 55723

100amimperialtreasure - 55722

100amimperialtreasure - 55721

100amimperialtreasure - 55720

100amimperialtreasure - 55719

100amimperialtreasure - 55718

100amimperialtreasure - 55717

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  1. Mel says:

    I think that could be tiong bahru bakery.

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