Attempting to Eat Healthy in Singapore

My cousin D always eats healthy in Australia and sent me a photo of her meal. The problem is I haven’t quite acquired the taste for salmon but perhaps I don’t know how to prepare it properly. And I have a feeling berries in Australia are much sweeter than what we get at the supermarkets here – cheaper too. But considering how healthy she is, I find her meals inspiring.

dsalmon - 56155

In Singapore temptations are everywhere. When at VivoCity recently I saw that another new restaurant was opening on the ground floor – Madam Kwan’s . This is the original branch from KL. The Grandma’s chain here was set up by a chef who left Madam Kwan’s so I am eager to taste the original. I thought what we had in KL some years back was fantastic. Yeah but not healthy for sure – coconut laden.

vivokwanviet - 56158

Luckily quite near the restaurant is a healthier option – Baguette – where I had a vietnamese sandwich. I wish the bread would have been fresher though – tasted a tad stale. But this was one meal where I didn’t feel guilty or too bloated at the end of it.

vivokwanviet - 56159

What kind of healthy meals do you have in Singapore? I need some tips.

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9 Responses to Attempting to Eat Healthy in Singapore

  1. Lady J says:

    Madam Kwan’s is coming to Singapore!?! Wow! Can’t wait!
    I’m also trying to eat healthy too.. Currently eating steamed broccoli, cauliflower, edamame, kidney beans and cherry tomatoes along with steamed chicken.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Madam Kwan’s is tempting huh?

      & Cool….I’m not the only one trying to eat healthy. Thanks for sharing what you have on the menu at home.

  2. Vietnamese and Japanese food are usually healthy (not ramen but you get my drift). Order noodles with soup always. I think anything soupy is healthy–fish porridge soup, yong tou fu, etc–but not those thick creamy English soups.

    I’ve a list of Salads in Singapore, in case you need to know where to find a salad shop:

    • bookjunkie says:

      Cool…didn’t know there were so many salad places in Singapore….I must check them out and will be referring to this list often 🙂

      I just had one of those creamy soups recently…darn it…why can’t those be healthy…although I knew it wasn’t when I was tucking in 😉

  3. mf says:

    eating at home is always healthier cos there’s greater control over seasoning and oil.. i always blanched my vege and eat them plain, no garlic, no stir-frying.. meat is best baked using just a dash of oil cos i can’t stand steamed meat.. or a bowl of clear soup naturally sweetened with hearty vegetables.. all these with a full bowl of steaming rice so i don’t get hungry and snack later!

    • bookjunkie says:

      great advice mf…..I prefer baked to steamed as well.

      I have to confess I have been eating more roasted than fried chicken but I think not that healthy still? Wish I didn’t love roast chicken so much.

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  5. Grace says:

    I love your website! Yeah, it’s really hard to eat healthy in sg. I’ve been searching all over. Hawker centre food is delish but sadly really unhealthy 🙁 And everything else is so expensive! I tried suggesting ways to make it healthier (here: but I think no choice, have to homecook most of the food!

    • bookjunkie says:

      you’re so right….I’m trying to be healthy too but the healthiest options outside also tend to be the most expensive.

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