I Do Like the Malls at Christmas

It’s that time of year where the malls get more fun. I like to see how creative they can get with the decorations.

At Parkway Parade the kids will get excited about Santa’s helper perched on a wreath.


I only decided to photograph things that caught my eye and not every xmas thing I saw. The skinny Santas at M&S (Parkway Parade branch) were cool. Those were spotted by B and he appreciates cute stuff like this more than I do.


I would strongly recommend the brandied cherries covered with dark chocolate. So incredibly good. The brandy is strong too. You need to pop the whole chocolate into your mouth or it can get messy.


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2 Responses to I Do Like the Malls at Christmas

  1. verena says:

    Christmas is my favourite time of the year! Hehe, if you do not already know since I have it on repeat mode on my blog like a broken record. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to visit the malls much yet this year.. Hopefully I will get a chance to in December! The skinny Santas are really cute!

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