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Why I Always Reach For Food

Wish I didn’t succumb to this, but I do, I always do. The lure of tasty food. I eat especially when I’m upset or often when I’m bored. Always for a celebration. Food makes me so happy and it’s what … Continue reading

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Quelling the Naysayser

Every time I gain a bit of confidence and actually feel I can turn my life around, I’m thwarted by the naysayer in my head. It takes a huge effort to silence that voice. The voice tells me “You’ll never … Continue reading

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Mum Injects 8 year old with Botox

I am just horrified at the physical and psychological ramifications on that poor child. To me, this is child abuse. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auzvSkIk7xg] I can’t imagine that the mother thinks there is nothing wrong with this. She is clearly living through her … Continue reading

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