Oliver Fricker’s Spray Painting on the MRT (via funny little world)

I agree with blogger Kirsten and hope 32 year old Swiss, Oliver Fricker doesn’t get flogged either. (Not another Michael Fay incident!) Why a banker with a cushy job would want to risk doing this is mind boggling, especially knowing how strict the country is. I do hope this leads to even tighter security at our train stations. I really don’t mind my bags being checked if it means we are all a little safer. Well at least having more security personnel will create more jobs so that will be a good thing.

How DARE he make the MRT look nicer? I really hope Oliver Fricker doesn’t get caned. Or rather, flogged (because that’s what it is). For those who don’t already know, on the night of May 16 or early morning of May 17, Swiss consultant banker Oliver Fricker and British Lloyd Dane Alexander cut through a wired fence and snuck into the Xilin MRT depot, where they proceeded to graffiti one of the trains without getting caught. Indeed, the whole incident wasn’t reported until the graffit … Read More

via funny little world

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