Steve Jobs Launches New Nano and iTouch

The tiny square nano with the full touch screen looks cute.  I somehow wish they would have come in a non-metallic version as I think those scratch easily and are not as pretty has their original white material that the very first iPod came in. It costs S$228 for the 8gb version and S$278 for the 16gb version.


{Image: Apple}

It’s actually really tiny, so it’d probably work best with tiny fingers.

The new iPod Touch looks sleek and tantalizing, and the features are comparable to the new iPhone 4.  The video recording feature has been enhanced and that would be great for taking videos when travelling.

This is what it will cost you to buy it in Singapore, in Singapore dollars:

8GB S$328
32GB S$428
64GB S$588


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2 Responses to Steve Jobs Launches New Nano and iTouch

  1. harlsmits says:

    The nano is so cute! I must have a green one!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Why is Steve Jobs always tempting us…I tend to hesitate to buy a new one as soon as there’s always a newer model and I go shucks. The designs are great though and no one can beat Apple when it comes to fabulously chic designs.

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