Train Ride to the Airport

Who knew there was still patches of undeveloped land in Singapore? It’s a good thing and I hope there’s no new construction to take up every last little bit of land.

photo by bookjunkie

Noticed a man who looked out of place in this full suit. I was thinking how hot he must feel. Our weather is definitely not conducive for suit wearing.

photo by bookjunkie

Due to the high stress environment and the recent spate of suicides and suicide attempts, this sign has appeared on the railway track. I don’t think it will really deter someone who is severely depressed and distressed. Instead why not have something inspirational like, there is hope or a number to call for help? They don’t need to be chided into not jumping. I also completely don’t understand the law on suicides. I think it’s awful that people can be arrested and jailed after failed suicide attempts. What they need is help and counselling. Possibly financial assistance too, if that’s the root of their troubles. What I read recently is that the law is not really enforced, but why not abolish it then? It just reeks to me of lack of compassion and not a good indicator of what type of society we want to have. I knew someone who was suspected of attempting suicide through an overdose and I felt so much pity for her, as I saw her restrained to her hospital bed, with police milling about. I’m trying to really think about this. The only way they could pose a danger to others is if they jump from a high place and endanger someone else, by landing on them. Now that would be criminal. What a terribly morbid topic, I know, but what do you think about this? This news story of the newly married girl who killed herself is very tragic and just makes me feel so sad for her and her family. We definitely need more resources into studying Depression in Singapore and the stigma needs to be reduced or even better, eliminated.

I just also noticed the monk in his orange robe that appeared in the photo I took.

photo by bookjunkie

You need to take the green line to Tanah Merah station, and them cross over to switch to the train that goes to Changi Airport.

photo by bookjunkie

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4 Responses to Train Ride to the Airport

  1. LL says:

    The business Suit man reminded me of my cousin who works for P&G in singapore. She wore a turtleneck to work and I remember just staring at her. I was sweaty in just a thin tshirt and jeans, how could she stand it??

    The part about suicides is pretty depressing to read about. I had no idea Singapore would have so many suicide attempts. Maybe because I thought the weather was always so bright and sunny that no one could be that depressed. Even in thunderstorms, the scenery always seemed beautiful to me. But I guess it is the high stress environment as my cousins are incredibly judgmental about my lack of career and motivation.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Singapore is definitely super high stress when it comes to career and I’ve had my share of really bad work places with bullies and office politics. My confidence always falls to an all time low when someone asks me what I do (as I currently lack a job too). Parents push their kids towards the Sciences especially Medicine, and being in the Arts is frowned upon – unless you go into Law. It’s quite sad.

  2. I think even I, Queen of Poor Sense of Direction, could navigate these trains!

    The states have a law against suicide, but no one ever goes to jail. The law is in place so the police have the right to restrain someone and bring them in for treatment.

    I thought that was a Monk, but it appears he has hair….aren’t they all bald?

    • bookjunkie says:

      I didn’t know that the US has a law like that too. Good reasoning then.

      I am quite the Queen of no direction myself….yeah the MRT here is really easy to take and the signs being in English helps a lot! I wouldn’t be able to make my way around Japan on the subway without help.

      Ya monks usually have shaved heads

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