The New Bedok Point Mall and Directory

I checked out another new mall called Bedok Point, which is a redevelopment of the old Bedok and Changi theatres. I know. This tiny island is sprouting malls like crazy. This one was in the East and my blog pal 365days2play scooped it out a few weeks ago.  

At the moment almost all the shops and restaurants seem to be open.  The mall strikes me as more of a food hub with about 70% of the outlets being restaurants. I also saw a Chinese Book store, Challenger and hair salons.   Today’s photos are for my aunt who lives nearby so that she can check it out soon.  This is located opposite the Bedok MRT station and about 5 minutes away from the Bedok interchange and hawker centre.

Out of all the food places, Mos Burger and Popeyes appealed to me.  I am a sucker for fast food. What put me off was the poor ventilation on the first floor. The smells from all the restaurants intermingled is not at all pleasant, which is the reason why I prefer non air-conditioned food courts for my local food cravings.  I am happy to report that the situation is much better on the higher floors.

The carpark was full so we had to park at the HDB carpark next to the mall.  In a way I’m glad we did so that I could get this lovely shot of the trees surrounding the Bedok Point Mall.

photo by bookjunkie

The MRT station is just across, but it’s not linked to the mall by an underground pass.  That’s because the MRT station is one of the above the ground ones that was built some time ago.

photo by bookjunkie

I usually like Ayam Penyat (an Indonesian spicy chicken and rice dish) but was put off by the poor ventilation on this floor.  The resulting smells were pretty stifling.

photo by bookjunkie

The poor ventiliation mars the experience, but the decor is nice.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

The 10 minute hair salons that are appearing all over. There was a buy one get one free discount going on. S$5 for a quick haircut is not too shabby, but I saw mostly men here. Also a haircut in full view of everyone doesn’t appeal to me.

photo by bookjunkie

A Challenger here for your techie needs.

photo by bookjunkie

I think I’ll stick with my regular chicken burger. A burger with fries within! I like junk food, but this is just a bit too much.

photo by bookjunkie

The directory on one of the floors.

photo by bookjunkie

I love that the mall was not too crowded, as not many people know it exists. It’s unusual for Popeyes to be this empty.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

Nice view at this particular Popeye’s Outlet.

photo by bookjunkie

Subway is at almost every mall now, but I’m not complaining.

photo by bookjunkie

The mall from a weird angle.

photo by bookjunkie

The only unique store I saw – A Chinese Wedding Store.

photo by bookjunkie

Has anyone else ever read this sign as Jerk Thai and not Lerk Thai. I think it’s the way the L is written.

photo by bookjunkie

Out of the malls in the East I still like Kallang Leisure Park for being quiet and spacious, and Parkway Parade for having a Borders. A mall without a proper bookstore always loses points with me. Of course, a Kinokuniya would be even better.

All the information you need on how to get here:

Bedok Point

Address :
799 New Upper Changi Road
Singapore 467351

Telephone : (65) 6481 1353

Opening hours : 10am to 10pm daily

Extended Hours
K Box Karaoke, Level 1 restaurants and cafes
Weekdays (Mon to Thu) – 10am to 1am
Weekends (Fri to Sun), Eve of Public Holidays & Public Holidays – 10am to 3am

Parking Rates:

Mon – Sunday (Including Public Holidays)
First hour or part thereof – $1.10
Every subsequent half hour or part thereof – $0.60

Here is my picks from the mall directory, which is so hard to find. I only feature some selected shops my aunt may want to check out:

Bishamon Sapporo Ramen #02-32/34
Challenger #B1-23/26
Du Yi Bookshop #B1-27/30
EC House Express Cut #B1-32
FingerTip Nail Care #B1-K3/K5
Four Leaves #01-08
Hong Kong Sun Kee Dessert #01-06
Japan Home #B1-05/09
Killiney Café #01-04
KJ Colourlab #B1-K6
Kousei Foot Reflexology #B1-03/04
Lerk Thai Restaurant #02-12/14
MOS Burger #03-35/36
nydc #01-09
Old Chang Kee #01-K1
Paradise Inn #02-01/04
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen #03-01/04
Pro Trim #03-25/26 6787 7015
SingTel Exclusive Retailer by Beng Soon #03-22
SportsLink #02-20/22
StarHub Exclusive Partner #03-20
Subway #03-11
Sushi Tei #02-05/09
The Chinese Wedding Shop #02-27
The Manhattan FISH MARKET #03-05/07 & 03-40
Trendy Eyes #B1-02
Tsukiji Gindaco #03-37
Watsons #02-18 #B1-K15
Yoshinoya #03-38/39

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11 Responses to The New Bedok Point Mall and Directory

  1. Nice mall! The Chinese Wedding Shop looks interesting. I wish they had a web site for shopping.

  2. LL says:

    I am guilty of Popeyes. Their food is so yummy yet so bad for you. It’s still better than KFC post-colonel’s-death.

    I heard several rumors saying as soon as the owner of KFC died they replaced all those spices with cheaper msg. Fans all over the country were speculating since the taste was different. Also their chicken was less chicken and more batter/msg. okay, enough of my random info. Enjoy popeyes!! I always get the spicy/regular chicken mix. I can’t even handle spicy but it is just really good.

  3. 365days2play says:

    Thanks for the link! Btw yes I did wonder about whether it was Jerk or Lerk. Even Lerk doesn’t sound that great either!

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  5. Yasser Khan says:

    There is scarce info about this on the web actually. You beat me to it! Awesome post about Bedok Point!
    Anyway, I enjoyed visiting it and had tremendous satisfaction at so many new options. Was overjoyed to find challenger there, I’m a tech freak!

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