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Singapore Daily Photo: Prettiest Trees

Every time I pass this stretch of road I admire these trees with the dark branches and yellow green leaves.

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Wispy Evening Clouds

Evenings in Singapore are pretty hot. It only gets cool after 7.30pm when the sun has set. The sky has been undeniably pretty though, with those wispy cirrus clouds.

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In the East of Singapore

Lovely canopy of trees and it was pretty relaxing even though it was the weekend. I guess we got lucky with the timing as people were leaving as we arrived at the Starbucks at Big Splash. (Wrote the post some … Continue reading

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The Quiet of Sembawang Beach

Headed towards the quiet of Sembawang beach and it felt good to walk around (although there is still renovation going on and lots of barricades up). Trying to get with the usual New Year promise that everyone makes – to … Continue reading

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East Coast: Dining Places near the Sea

We are still awaiting for the renovations at the East Coast Beach to be complete. Used to hang out at the Macs there but it’s since moved further down to where all the seafood restaurants are.

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The Scenic Route

I may complain that Singapore lacks nature and is just too urban, but sometimes I feel that the roads themselves can be a green oasis. You just need to find the scenic route. But when all that fails there’s always … Continue reading

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#93. Our Beautiful Shade Providing Trees

We have some really pretty stretches of roads. I love all our trees and especially these pretty ones with yellow leaves somewhere near Chijmes. We didn’t use to have trees like this in the past and I wonder where they … Continue reading

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