Singapore Daily Photo: The 7am Sky

When I was a kid the sun seemed to rise a whole lot earlier. These days it only starts to get bright at 7am as the sun rises. In our history, I believe we set our clocks forward, by half and hour and that’s why it’s so dark in the wee hours.

photo by bookjunkie

I can’t rest till I find out more. It’s the way I am wired. So, here’s an interesting history of how our standard times have changed and our clocks have been reset over the years.

Our 7am now used to be 6.30am from 1945 to 1981. We changed to keep up with Malaysia (West Malaysia changed to have the same clock times as East Malaysia). And I just learnt that during the Japanese Occupation (1942-1945), our 7am now would be 8am to be consistent with Tokyo.

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5 Responses to Singapore Daily Photo: The 7am Sky

  1. Sam says:

    I’m in my 40’s. I seem to recall that our clock has been set forward by 30 minutes twice during my lifetime.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I recalled twice as well, but can’t recall the specifics. In my 40’s too 🙂 great to meet another 40 something out there

  2. Laura says:

    Interesting, I knew about the time change at the time of the Japanese occupation but was not aware of any others.

  3. whatsaysyou says:

    Wow, I am learning something. No wonder my dad was right. There was a time difference between Malaysia and Singapore.

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