Oriole with My Cousin

Had a lovely time at Oriole, which is just outside Somerset 313, although I’m afraid the air-conditioning was a bit too cold for my cousin. I on the other hand am a walking furnace so it was just nice for me. I think us having ice cream made it worse. But we both like this place. Service is polite, iced water is free, and we had lovely cups of latte and vanilla milk. We were there when it was quite empty and the ambience is lovely. The unique lighting has always attracted me and I think this cafe has one of the prettiest ceilings. I just wish we could have had more brandied cherries and less ice cream. We both loved the brandied cherries. These days somehow I don’t really crave for ice cream or cake as much as pastries.

The best part about being in a cafe at off peak hours is that they don’t rush you and you can chat at leisure. It’s not only the food I relish, but the good company. The food and drinks are background for great conversation and catching up. I think of it as rental for taking up a nice cosy space for a while.

You can read about my previous visit to Oriole here. I took more pictures then.

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