A Bit of a Tight Squeeze at Dean & Deluca Cafe

The good news is that the cafe at recently opened Dean & Deluca offers free ice water. It’s self service. Just look out for the pitchers at the counter. I only realized this later and if I had known I would have ordered a hot coffee instead, just to see what the coffee art is like. The ice latte was really good though. Only thing it wasn’t that comfortable sitting there with the seats so crammed together. You also felt that you had to rush with so many people still in the queue for their food and not enough seats. I think that’s why all the drinks were served in take away cups. Just in case there is no seat once you get your drinks. But what if you had ordered food as well. Which is why it’s so hard to dine alone sometimes. I didn’t mind the disposable cup, but another customer sounded pissed about it. I guess expectations differ and your latte served in a cup could be nice too. Especially if it’s a hot drink.



Adored the high ceilings and the view of the rock climbing feature in the mall.


The pastries were all so tempting but we were just too full that day.

The menu and prices, so you can check out what you order in advance. It’s for my own reference as well.

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  2. did you buy a camera? Your photos look different.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I use my iPhone….love it 🙂 Never used a DSLR but I wish I could one day. Just that it would be so bulky. Do you use a DSLR?

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