Fun & A Headache at the Same Time

I recall when I was a kid, a luxury trip meant a package trip in South East Asia through a travel agency. One of those organized tours. These days those are the stuff of my nightmares. Being hoarded with groups, woken up early in the morning, being forced to partake in lousy meals that are usually not the local cuisine. No thanks. Not my idea of a holiday. And these days I am so increasingly anti-social so making conversations with strangers or answering their small talk questions or being dragged to shopping places against my will so that the agent will get a commission is all that I dread.

With all the online booking methods, I am so confused. There are so many travel promotions and sites, I worry about the fine print. When a deal seems to good to be true there must be a catch such as no change of date or time and zero refund. That doesn’t sound good to me. It means you get a good deal only because you take a huge risk.

So which to you are the good sites you go to for your short trips? I have tried Misa Travel and I have heard about UOB Travel too. Some people make their flight and hotel bookings separately, but it seems like a hassle to me. I like it all to be coordinated by one source – free and easy trips as it’s called in Singapore. Any tips? Would love to hear which agencies have impressed you with their service and prices.

We are just looking for a nearby getaway in South East Asia. Perhaps as near as Malaysia or Indonesia that requires no flying. I was looking at Cameron Highlands, but the coach ride puts me off. I like to go straight to my destination without another ride that’s more than a hour long. A ferry ride to Bintan with a 10 minute transfer is ok for instance. Are you the same way?

Also I am the finicky sort and I like nice hotels. In my middle age (is fourties middle age?), I think I have a right to be, after roughing it out in my twenties. Extra picky about the bathrooms and those too tiny ones or ones that flood as the shower stall is not designed properly are a big no-no to me.

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