Halloween Orange & Blues

I’m loving the halloween decorations in Singapore. I somehow find all the orange and pumpkins very festive and cheerful and hardly spooky. Orange was also my dad’s favourite colour. He chose our orange sofa and orange floor tiles for instance.

Wish there were more. This is what I saw at Kinokuniya at Liang Court. Now this is detail – halloween tissues too.

Will be posting more halloween related photos as I spot more decorations.

The holiday fits in very well with my mood as I tend to be extra blue around this time. I find it funny that people say happy halloween as it’s quite a spooky holiday.

It’s weird that I feel a mixture of both excitement and melancholy at this time. Extra blue because both my dad and my birthday fall around this period. Thinking about him even more during this rainy season. It’s pouring down as I write and I find it strangely comforting and luxurious even. Not that I don’t think about and miss him all the time. Think you know what I mean.

Also my birthday is a reminder of all the things I didn’t achieve or what a disappointment I am to myself (as I imagine, my younger self being sorely disappointed at what a disaster I turned out to be). I also desire to be happy and the pressure to be happier than usual during this time often leads to disappointment. Just don’t want to be disappointed. Maybe I should go get more books to read. That never fails to cheer me up. Escaping into different worlds.

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