The Perfect Day

At the end of the day, when I’m in bed and the lights are out, I realize once again, that I have not kept to good routines. For instance I haven’t exercised and was sedentary all day, didn’t touch a book and forgot to floss. Also feel that I’ve wasted the day if I haven’t done anything productive. Makes me feel extremely guilty and forlorn.

My idea of a good day is one in which there is some kind of continuous improvement. A day when can feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of it with assurance that I have made some progress in some small way. For instance read a chapter of a difficult book.

Here are some inspirational routines of writers. So what is your idea of the perfect day? Have you had one lately? A day when you checked off everything on your mental to-do list? I am really quite curious about other people’s routines.

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  1. plumerainbow says:

    Waking up with no pimples, going for a bike ride, have a cool shower and then do some work. Then laughing with family or friends over a meal. Chilling out at night to good music.

    You have inspired me to do a post on this too. 🙂

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