5 Must Read Singapore Blogger Posts

1. This story of a young boy and his siblings who fight for his life chilled me to the bone. It’s just so heartbreakingly, achingly sad. I am glad that Singapore has compassionate young people like blogger Kirsten.

2. She also enlightened me about the cruelty behind Shark’s Fin Soup. I had no idea.

3. On a lighter note, this post by Mr Brown. When I saw the picture of MTV VJ and model, Denise, in that yellow spandex outfit I thought – how incredibly uncomfortable. And her tummy is concave – she needs to eat more and stop with the spinning.

4. And I agree with Kiersten of Suddenly in Asia – it’s because of compassionate young people like blogger Kirsten Han of Funny Little World that Singapore is cool. I am not even a fraction as brave as she is. In fact I’m an absolute chicken next to her. On another note, can you believe that Singapore is number 2 on the World’s coolest Nations list by CNNGo?

5. The worst kind of bullying at the ‘office’ which just happens to be in the air.

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4 Responses to 5 Must Read Singapore Blogger Posts

  1. These are all great…thanks!

  2. kirsten says:

    Thanks for the mention! 😀 I just wish that there was more I could do for Vui Kong and his family, but it’s all out of our hands and in the hands of the Singaporean judiciary and Cabinet. I can’t imagine how nerve-wracking it must be for the family to wait like this!

  3. kierstens says:

    thanks for the shout-out 😉

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