Plaza Singapura: French Style Crepes at Canele

The pretty name tempted me – Flowers of the Sea.

Keep telling myself not to overindulge and then I do it again. French style thin crepes are so hard to resist. This came with chocolate ice cream and nutella. A bit too rich. Just the crepe alone would have made me feel less guilty. Wonder if I’ll be able to stick to healthier food next year. I hope. The coffee is not the greatest but at least stronger than Starbucks.

The seats which don’t have back support are not very comfortable. It’s hard to find comfy seats at Cafes these days. Perhaps I should do a list of places with comfier chairs in a post soon.

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plazasingramen - 53457

plazasingramen - 53456

plazasingramen - 53455

plazasingramen - 53454

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  1. hi guys…so happy u drop by again at canele wow im privilege that you post my coffee thanks a lot :))…any feedbacks with the coffee thanks for my improvements:))

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