At Plaza Singapura Again: thoughts about queues

Talking about pretty designs, I’m loving the new white Starbucks mugs with the embossed logo and wonder how much they cost.

Finally got a seat at the Starbucks outlet at Plaza Singapura’s new wing. We came here to try the famous Hong Kong Tim Sum but yet again the queues were crazy and I am not crazy enough to waste time queuing for more than 10 minutes. The restaurant looks so tiny and cramped with not that comfortable seating.

Often I feel restaurants create queues on purpose to show how popular their place is as they know the Singaporean psychology of being kiasu and wanting only what is perceived as the best. I guess if you asked me, the only food I would queue for would be the claypot laksa at Alexandra Village and even for that the maximum time would be 20 minutes. Queues just put me off even though I’m generally quite patient and laid back when it comes to other things.

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