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Blogging: I Needed Help Because I Can’t Code

I’ve always been very reluctant to ask for help or favours. I hate the idea of troubling other people or making them feel obligated in any way. Also I’m a bit proud that way. I’m the worst delegator. I find … Continue reading

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Pinwheel of Death

My iMac is frustrating. It’s always showing the pinwheel of death. It slows down and halts projects for me. I tend to then force quit applications and wonder what further damage I am creating. Yes, I am not that tech … Continue reading

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Hyper-Connected & I Think It’s Bad for Me

I miss the old days. For me that was the early 90’s before I owned a handphone. I used to focus and seemed to get a lot more done. Things were slower paced at work, but interactions were higher quality. … Continue reading

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Obsessed with Numbers & Loving the iPhone App, Clear

The number on the scale, the number of visitors on my blog stats. Wish I wasn’t so obsessed with numbers. My life seems to be too ruled by this. I tell myself to focus on quality and try to forget … Continue reading

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Clueless about Cloud Storage. Please Help?

This is something critical I need to do, so how better to get it in the forefront of my mind then to write about it. But on this matter I tend to procrastinate even though it’s so important to me. … Continue reading

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