Acquired Taste

When I was a little kid I hated to eat proper meals or at all. I was more interested in playing (if only I was that way now). I used to eat what seems positively gross to me now – steamed rice with tomato ketchup. Seriously!

It’s also fascinating to me that certain foods I never thought I would ever like, I acquired a taste for only in my twenties or later.

1. Japanese food like sushi, don, udon and ramen
2. Prata with curry (started off just having it with sugar, and only in my twenties)
3. Chicken Pao
4. Salad
5. Soft-boiled eggs

Food I only tried when I was an adult and liked instantly, so I guess these don’t really count:

1. Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich (as a kid we used to have butter and jam or sometimes cheese, but not peanut butter so it was weird to me. Also what Americans call jelly we call jam. I am guessing it’s the same thing?)
2. Fish Head Curry
3. Biscuits (only tried it when Texas and Popeye’s Chicken came to town)
4. Bah Kut Teh (just the soup)
5. Nasi Padang
6. Peking Duck
7. Mee Soto
8. Butter Crab
9. Carrot Cake (not the fried Singapore dish but the cake with the icing)
10. Cheese Cake (as a kid I only mostly had home-made butter cake)
11. Raspberries

I am glad I have loved durian since I was a tot. It was love at first bite. I even adored the scent. I have also been drinking coffee and tea since I was a toddler (it was the 70’s).

And these are what I used to eat as a kid but now they make me feel colicky and bloated so I avoid them:

1. Chicken Rice
2. Nasi Lemak
3. Kaya Toast

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2 Responses to Acquired Taste

  1. Al says:

    Food I disliked as a child and grown to adore as an adult:
    1. celery,
    2. all sorts of mushrooms,
    3. ginger.

    Food I first ate as an adult and fell in love:
    1. Lebanese food,
    2. raw fish,
    3. Singapore style Hokkien mee (with prawn stock).

    Food I can’t live without since a tot:
    1. Dry wantan mee with pickled chilli (must be Msian/Sporean style….),
    2. Milo,
    3. Chicken floss bun.

    Food I grown out of:
    1. all types of Western fast food,
    2. dairy milk chocolate and all sorts of sweets/desserts/soft drinks,
    3. Instant noodle.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Loved reading your list.

      The first thing I crave for after a long trip aboard is wan tan mee 🙂 Love it too.

      Think I’m gonna go make a cup of hot milo now!

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