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Internet Tribes, Kindred Spirits

I think people who have a compelling need to write, feel emotions intensely. If we don’t put it down and share it somewhere, we will burst. I find that we also tend to dream so vividly that it seems real. … Continue reading

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Why I Take Lots of Photos

I’m referring to photos I take of family. It’s a simple reason. It’s because I wish I had more photos with my dad. I do have my memories of sweet times with him but the photos help jog my memory … Continue reading

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My Darling Nieces

Love my nieces beyond words. Just one smile from them can last me for days. Even when they are grouchy they are so cute. When they are in distress you just want to make it better. Life is so much … Continue reading

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The Thing About Cars in Singapore

I’m totally not a car person. B is, so I entertained myself by taking photos when we went car window shopping. If you’ve read my blog you know about my fear of confined spaces. When B asks me about cars … Continue reading

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Marutama: Chicken Ramen

Had a hot bowl of chicken soup and blogged about it at white as milk. After all the heavy meals, some days you just feel like something soupy.

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Disappointing Experience at Antoinette

I have been reading raves about Antoinette but perhaps they were referring to the branch at Mandarin Gallery. I had a disappointing experience at the branch at Palais Rennaisance. The menu and tableware impressed but I could not forgive the … Continue reading

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Wishing My Uncle A Very Happy Birthday

It was my dear uncle A’s birthday this October and it was nice to see him with his two favourite little people in the world. His adorable grandchildren. Love to see how he lights up whenever they are around. I … Continue reading

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Storm Clouds Gathered at East Coast Beach

A stormy day at East Coast Beach. The sky threatened, but we did not let it keep us away till fat droplets hit our faces. Warm rain is not strange to us here. And somehow. If you didn’t tell me … Continue reading

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Botanic Gardens Cafe: Had Crappy Desserts but Loved the Pretty Fountains

Wrote about it here.

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New At Tampines 1: Dairy Queen & Muji

There’s a Dairy Queen here now. They used to be in Singapore, then they left and now they’re back. A pink kitchen scale at the Sqft Home Decor store. Muji has a branch here now. Tampines 1 is getting more … Continue reading

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