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Window Shopping at Tampines 1

Will be back with more posts but meanwhile I wrote this at White as Milk.

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Still the Best Assam Laksa in Singapore

The parking situation is horrendous with everyone watching out for traffic cops, but the assam laksa in Geylang is really the best in Singapore. Have made repeated visits but this was our first lunch time visit. I wasn’t even hungry … Continue reading

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Sembawang: Green & Soothing

The walk to Sembawang MRT can be pleasant just after the rain. There is a stretch of road that reminds me of our Botanic Gardens. And this is the part of the red line that is above ground. No air-conditioning … Continue reading

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Birthday Cakes: The More Candles the Merrier

I may repeat this a lot but I have very caring aunts and uncles who keep me sane. They do so much for us, are really supportive and I wish everyone could have close knit families like this. Even if … Continue reading

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Oblivion: Bored Out of My Mind

Tom Cruise has always been drawing point when it comes to movie selection, but lately I think he has made the wrong choices when it comes to roles. He seems to keep playing the same character but in different settings. … Continue reading

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With current world events, and so much tragedy and cruelty (Boston Marathon bombing, rape in India, earthquakes) in the forefront, I often feel that we are in a unreal materialistic sheltered bubble in Singapore. What I write about seems so … Continue reading

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3 New Places in Singapore

Just decided to share a short list of 3 new places I’ve visited recently.

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In the East of Singapore

Lovely canopy of trees and it was pretty relaxing even though it was the weekend. I guess we got lucky with the timing as people were leaving as we arrived at the Starbucks at Big Splash. (Wrote the post some … Continue reading

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Cafe Melba

Had a lovely meal at Cafe Melba and I’ll be happy to return. It’s an Australian inspired cafe located in the East at Goodman Arts Centre and it’s a bit difficult to find so you’ll need your GPS or smartphone map. … Continue reading

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Hainanese Curry Rice at Maxwell Road Hawker Centre

As it’s so crowded here we decided to have packed rice and then look for a table. In a way it made the food tastier. Somehow the curry infused with the rice. It might look like a mess to some … Continue reading

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