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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

I have been meaning to catch an artistic movie but our theatres seem to only be filled with blockbusters and other crap, some of which I wouldn’t even watch if you paid me. The trailers seem to indicate pure violence, … Continue reading

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Thai Supermarket

My latest post at Guillaume’s blog White as Milk – the awesome Thai Supermarket at Golden Mile Complex. Supermarkets alone make Singapore not boring. Took lots of photos as usual. Goods from Vietnam as well. This one in particular seemed … Continue reading

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Hokkaido Milk Cake at Liang Court

It’s no secret that one of my favourite places to hang out is Liang Court. Recently I was lamenting that the Jolie Creer stall at the Takashimaya basement was a temporary one for the Hokkaido Food Fair. But since then … Continue reading

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French Comfort Food at Hediard

I just love the Tanglin area and it would be a dream to live here. It’s away from the bustle of town but not too far away either. I’ve always felt that Tudor Court is one of the most quaint … Continue reading

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Maison Kayser has the Best Freshly Baked Bread in Singapore

I can’t wait to make a return visit to Maison Kayser at Scotts Square even though the drinks were disappointing the both times I was here. The coffee I had previously was weak and this time the tea was weak … Continue reading

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Back for More of the Yummy Noodles: Eng’s Wan Tan Mee

Love Eng’s Wan Tan Noodles so much, I’m sure I’ll be returning here again and again. The noodle quality and chilli that will create a firestorm in your mouth is what makes it so great. The steamed dumplings are superb … Continue reading

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Takashimaya Food Basement

I find the Food Basement at Takashimaya so interesting. Can’t compare to what there is in Japan but it’s still pretty amazing. There is always something new to see and this time we stumbled upon a Hokkaido food fair with … Continue reading

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Wisma Atria: Coffee Stars

Decided to post something quick, just in case you feel a bit spooked by my last post.  Here’s what I saw recently at Wisma Atria. I like this mall because it’s relatively quiet compared to ION and Takashimaya. I also … Continue reading

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Tiger Balm Gardens: Still Spooked as an Adult

Decided to do a separate post about the scariest, creepiest part of Haw Par Villa or Tiger Balm Gardens (how we used to refer to it in the 70’s).  Was debating whether to put up the pictures at all, but … Continue reading

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Haw Par Villa: Gruesome & Strange, but a Once in a Lifetime Kinda Place

My mum recalls that when I was a toddler I used to love sitting on the plastic tiger at the entrance of Haw Par Villa. Back then we called the place Tiger Balm gardens. Try as I might I couldn’t … Continue reading

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